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Demystifying the temperature requirements of non-standard parts processing

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2019/4/26 11:07:35 Hits:865

  In the non-standard parts processing industry, the accuracy is the processing ability of the reaction manufacturer, but the temperature is a factor that affects the processing accuracy. Under the action of various heat sources in the actual non-standard parts processing and production process, the machine tools, tools, and workpieces will be thermally deformed when the temperature changes, which will affect the relative displacement between the workpiece and the tool, causing machining errors and thus affecting The machining accuracy of the parts. Next, we will reveal the temperature requirements for non-standard parts processing.

  Ordinary carbon steel 1 m 1 degree 1 wire, that is, the temperature of 1 m steel is increased by 1 to 0.01 mm, and stainless steel is 0.016 mm. Reinforced concrete and concrete have similar temperature linear expansion coefficients (the temperature linear expansion coefficient of steel bars is 1.2×10^(-5)/, and the temperature linear expansion coefficient of concrete is 1.0×10^(-5)~1.5×10^( -5)/).

The expansion coefficient of steel material is: 1.2*10^-5/ For steel parts with a length of 100mm, when the temperature rises by 1, it will elongate by 1.2μm.