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Cognitive method for 3D welding platform fixture

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2019/4/26 10:59:00 Hits:773

The three-dimensional flexible welding platform fixtures are widely used and can meet the needs of work. Let's take a look at the 3D welding platform fixtures!

Fixtures should have sufficient strength and rigidity. The fixture must withstand multiple forces when it is put into production, so the fixture should have sufficient strength and rigidity.

Flexibility in welding operations. The use of jig production should ensure sufficient space for welding, so that the operator has a good view and operating environment, so that the whole process of welding production is in a stable working state.


   It facilitates the loading and unloading of weldments. During operation, it should be considered that the product can be smoothly removed from the fixture after assembly welding or welding, and the product is not reversed or lifted to avoid damage.

When clamping, the positioning position of the workpiece cannot be destroyed and the shape and size of the product are guaranteed to meet the requirements of the drawing. It is not allowed to loosen and slip the workpiece, and the restraint of the workpiece is not too large, resulting in a large restraint stress.

Designed fixtures should be easy to manufacture, install, and operate to facilitate inspection, repair, and replacement of consumable parts. When designing the fixture, the existing clamping power source, lifting capacity and installation site of the workshop should also be considered to reduce the manufacturing cost of the fixture. Cognition of 3D welding platform fixtures has the effect of improving work efficiency.